About the Artist

Like many artists, I have always considered myself as such. As I grew older I realized that that art was about all I could do, since I sucked at math. Ha Ha. My first major art epiphany was walking into the Seattle Art Museum and seeing Andy Warhol’s Double Elvis paintings, the second was at the Norton Simon and staring at Portrait of a Peasant by van Gogh not believing that it was real, getting to watch Keith Haring paint a mural, a few months before he passed away, as well as other moments along the way.

Artist Statement

I create spaces of visual ambiguity with the use of distorted perspective, arraignments of color field-layered forms over more organically applied color. It is my intention for the viewer to connect through the unexpected compositions. My work could be considered a take on perspectival op art.

My inspiration is the graffiti art I first saw in LA in the late eighties, and geometric forms of modernist architecture.

I use acrylic spray paint because I like the chemistry, energy, and continuous flow. I don’t like being limited by the tediousness of brush strokes. My paintings start with composing a piece on the computer. Working out the shapes and color, that I transfer to a primed-wood panel or canvas. Before I mark out the shapes, I spray in dense layers of various colors allowing them to mix and drip at will. I mask off the geometric shapes and apply paint in stages to complete a painting, leaving the textures of the underpainting to create a tactile environment of what I like the call impossible spaces.

My fascination with geometric shapes began at an early age c. 1962 Queen Anne Seattle

My interest in geometric shapes and patterns began at an early age


A California native who was raised in the rainy Puget Sound area. I earned a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and have worked as an Art Director/Graphic Designer for more that 30 years. I have been a resident of Salt Lake City for more that 15 years. I draw inspiration from bold colors, abstract shapes, street art, photography, vinyl records, post-punk, electronic, old school hip hop, and anything out of the ordinary. I share a home with my wife, Susan six children and many animals.